bitcoin marketing strategy

Looking for a bitcoin marketing strategy to grow your business? We’re giving you the top bitcoin marketing strategies to increase your profits.

 bitcoin marketing strategy

Bitcoin Content Marketing Strategies

  • Keyword Research – If you want to use content to pull traffic in, then you’ll need to do your keyword research. Find out exactly what words your market is looking for, then create content (i.e., demos, interviews, and use case videos, articles, photos, infographics, ) that help the prospect find and choose to do business with you.


  • Recommend Your Products – Remember to write and create content with a purpose. Help the prospect make a buying decision by writing super helpful articles and giving tips. Don’t forget to plug your product in at the same time.


  • Give FREE help – Create free reports, guides, downloadable helpful tools to distribute. People will then recognize you as an expert and then feel the need to purchase your product to solve an issue because they trust your expertise.


  • Offer Resell Rights – Create a paid product like an e-book aimed at the bitcoin market, include links to buy your products in the book, and then offer resell rights to affiliates who want to help you promote the product. Its a WIN-WIN. They get paid by you for every book they sell, you get widespread promotion and increased income.


  • Promote – The one thing everyone forgets about after they create all this content is promotion. Get the word out there about your bitcoin company by social media, partnerships, webinars, forums, brand ambassadors / influencers, content promotion and discovery networks, paid placement, networking events, its endless!


Bitcoin Blogging Strategies

  • Establish Yourself as an expert – Build a community online, this helps build relationships and the end result = more sales. Authority = I trust this brand because they keep it real, they understand me as a customer and the problems I face. They hook it up with extra helpful tips and want to make sure I’m golden.


  • Get interactive – start encouraging people to talk to you online, create polls and surveys, offer contests, co-host on other people’s blogs and specifically ask your visitors to contribute to a goal together.


  • Make people feel loved – give out special perks to people who join your network, or maybe birthday surprises or announcements, contributor recognition awards to the person who participates in discussion the most. There’s endless strategies you can use to build a great community of followers. Remember: if you scratch their back, they will scratch yours (and promote you to everyone)


Bitcoin Sales Conversion Strategies

  • Add value with your offers –  Don’t you want to beat your competition? Make sure you are adding some awesome bonus to your product offering. People can go anywhere to buy, sometimes a little honey or syrup helps sweeten the deal.


  • Discount Offers – sometimes people arn’t ready to buy, but when given a discount will make a purchase. Don’t rely on this every time, but its good to run a short sales promotion every now and then. You can do a speciality one like: Bitcoin Association discount, or a new customer discount, its our anniversary discount, its forth of July discount… just get creative with it.


  • Test and track your ads and offers – don’t just create promotions and ads without testing the conversion. Remember there’s many things that go into play with ads and offers. It could be a great ad (compelling copy, great graphics, everything looks awesome) but then the offer is like $5 off $500 purchase. Would you take a company up on this offer? Now we created ads that didn’t convert into sales. Bummer. Strategy is SUPER important.  Everything must be tested: email ads, blog ads, pay per click ads, ads you place on social media, etc. Theres many tools you can use to test and do conversion optimization.


Don’t forget if we can be of any help you you setting up promotions, giving you a solid marketing strategy, testing and optimizing your ad campaigns. Give us a holler. We’re always here to help!


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